The Recording Angel Ensemble featuring:

Zbigniew Karkowski (Tokyo)
Live electronics

Sebastian Buczek (Warsaw)
Automata, beeswax recordings

Ute Wasserman (Berlin)

Francine Luce (London/Paris)

Apartment House - Stroh String Trio (U.K.)
(Anton Lukoszevieze - cello, Bridget Carey - viola, Hilary Sturt - violin)

Aleksander Kolkowski

Stephan Mathieu (Saarbrucken)
Digital processing of acoustic & early period instruments & recordings

Aleksander Kolkowski (London)
(director, composer)
Wax Cylinder Phonograph, Horn Gramophones, Turntables, Stroh Violin, Musical Saw (Berlin/London)

Pascal Marzan (Paris)
Spanish Guitar

Pedro Sanchez (Saragossa)
Castanets, Palmas

Instrumentation includes:

  • Edison Phonograph with 4 ft Brass Concert Horn playing wax cylinders (own recordings)
  • 4 Horn Gramophones & assorted wind-up portables playing shellac & self-recorded acetate discs
  • turntables playing vinyl & self-recorded acetate discs
  • Live electronics, laptops, loudspeakers
  • Stroh stringed instruments (historic horned mechanical-acoustic instruments from the early 1900s) forming a string trio & a string quartet (with the inclusion of A. Kolkowski on Stroh violin)
  • Vocals
  • Spanish Guitar


Zbigniew Karkowski

Stephan Mathieu

Taking inspiration from Krzysztof Penderecki's original film score, exuberant interpretations of Baroque and early Classical music will be projected by ornate horns from a wonderful array of antique wind-up gramophones, wax cylinder phonographs and rare horned string instruments. Sound effects and noises will also be reproduced on gramophones utilizing Aleks Kolkowski's unique library of recorded sound from the early 1900s. Several leading lights from contemporary and experimental music scenes world-wide are featured here in a programme that includes electronic music played live by Zbigniew Karkowski & Stephan Mathieu, both cutting edge exponents of the genre.

Live music (including the quoted fourth movement form Beethoven's 9th Symphony) will be performed by the extraordinary avant garde vocalists Ute Wasserman and Francine Luce with stroh violins and cello from Apartment House, led by Anton Lukoszevieze, who are one of Europe's leading ensembles specialising in contemporary & experimental music.

Kraków born, Tokyo based Zbigniew Karkowski, will provide live electronic music. Renowned internationally as a composer, electronic music performer he is also active in the Japanese underground noise scene.

Anton Lukoszevieze

Apartment House was created by the cellist Anton Lukoszevieze in 1995. Since then it has established itself as the leading British exponent of avant-garde and experimental music from around the World. Apartment House performances embrace radical elements of avant-garde and experimental music creating a wide range of acoustical and theatrical situations within which volatile and stimulating performances occur. The seeds of the Apartment House repertoire stem from the hard-core European avant-garde, the joyful anarchy of The Scratch Orchestra, and the exploratory nature of experimental music. Apartment House's performances have included many UK and World premieres of music by a wide variety of composers. Notable portrait events have featured composers Christian Wolff, Luc Ferrari, Dieter Schnebel, Christopher Fox, Laurence Crane, Helmut Oehring, Clarence Barlow, Philip Corner, and Richard Ayres. The Apartment House ensemble is of flexible instrumentation, allowing for a vast range of performance possibilities. Apartment House has made many radio broadcasts for BBC Radio 3, Danish Radio, Swedish Radio 2, WDR Cologne, ORTF Austria and Deutschlandfunk, Berlin. They have have also released a CD of music from 1956 - 1971 by Cornelius Cardew for Matchless Records. Past events have included Ð a Clarence Barlow Portrait at the Hoxton New Music Days, Cornelius Cardew and Christian Wolff Retrospectives at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, a residency at the GAS Festival, Sweden. In 2002 they presented performances of new British Music at the Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, a Sylvano Bussotti/Luc Ferrari event at the Almeida Opera Festival, Kings Cross. In 2003 they appeared at the Wien Modern Festival, Austria, Dresden Zeitgenössische Musik Tage, MaerzMusik, Berliner Festspiel, MDR Festival, Leipzig, HCM Festival and performances in Belgium. In 2004 they presented concerts in Stuttgart, Huddersfield, Cambridge, London (BBC and BMIC Cutting Edge). In 2005 they appear at Ultraschall, Berlin, Wien Modern (Cage concerts), Belgium with XXX Live_Nude_Girls and BBC/Cut 'n Splice Festival, London with Kagel's Acustica and a UK premiere by Austrian composer Peter Ablinger. Apartment House's recent large scale project was "Die Schachtel", an environment for musicians, performers, space, video installation, lighting and electronics based on the music by Franco Evangelisti and the scenario by Franco Nonnis. In collaboration with "labor für musik:theater", Berlin, Apartment House performed this work at the Sophiensaele in Berlin as part of the Ultraschall Festival from 19 to 22 January 2006. In May 2006 they give the premiere of a new string quartet with electronics by Zbigniew Karkowski at the Sonic Arts Network/BBC Cut 'n Splice Festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, in association with BBC Radio.

Ute WassermannSebastian BuczekPascal Marzan

Sebastian Buczek, The Beekeeper, is an eccentric artist from south Poland who caused a stir with his album of beeswax recordings in the late 1990s. An absolute original who builds automata & strange robot musicians. This will be an extremely rare and unique London appearance.

Pascal Marzan was born in 1958 and lives In Paris, Budapest and London. After having studied the classical guitar at traditional music school and at the Conservatoire du Clichy (dedicated essentially to repertoire of the 20th century) then at various schools of music in Budapest and Hungary, he turned to the practice of free improvisation characterised by the performance techniques of Flamenco.

Vocal artist Ute Wassermann is a composer/ performer, improviser and interpreter of contemporary music. She has developed many special multivoiced vocal techniques, catalogued by register, timbre and articulative sequences, which may be deconstructed and/or superimposed and used to explore spatial resonance phenomena. She has given numerous performances of her own solo work and performs regularly with many improvising musicians, including duos with Richard Barrett (live electronics) and Matthias Kaul (percussion) and has collaborated frequently with composers who have created works especially for her voice, including Henning Christiansen, Richard Barrett, Chaya Czernowin, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Sven-Åke Johansson, Ana Maria Rodriguez, and has performed with many ensembles including ASKO, Elision and Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin.

Francine Luce

Born in France, Francine Luce started her career as a singer songwriter in Martinique where she is originally from. She has been on the Music International Scene since 1980. Her unique vocal style has brought her into contact with many of the world finest musicians, bandleaders and artists such as: LOUIS MOHOLO & LOUIS MOHOLO'S Septet, Viva La Black and 26 pieces band Dedication Orchestra, LESTER BOWIE, PULE PHETO, JASON YARDE, EVAN PARKER, ALEKS KOLKOWSKI , STEVE BERESFORD and the Steve Beresford Ensemble, PAT THOMAS, ALEX MAGUIRE, THËBE LIPERE, JOËLLE LEANDRE, MARK BOUKOUYA ~ MAGGIE NICOLS ~ LUTHER FRANCOIS ~ JAKY and ALEX BERNARD and many others. Work for Dance and Theatre Companies includes: FIN WALKER DANCE, PAN PROJECT, PUBLIC DREAMERS, composer BEN PARK, poet JOBY BERNABE. She currently works with her own Quintet and is also featured in the JERRY DAMMERS' SPATIAL A.K.A ORCHESTRA.

Stephan Mathieu works in the field of digital art, mainly as a composer and performer of his own music. He creates audio installations, works as a photographer and graphic designer, and taught Digital Arts and Theory at the HBKSaar University of Art and Design in Saarbrücken and as a guest lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts in Göteborg, the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Merz-Akademie in Stuttgart. Since 1999 his music has been released on 16 albums and nearly 50 compilations on numerous international music labels. Mathieu's compositions are based on live recordings of acoustic instruments, which are transformed by means of experimental microphony, re-editing techniques and software processes involving spectral analysis and convolution. His work has been compared to the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and the Colorfield painters Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. He lives in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Aleksander Kolkowski has presented concerts & installations in Europe & the USA featuring instruments & machines from the pre-electronic era of sound recording & reproduction. In 2004, Kolkowski composed & performed a major work for Recording Angels commissioned by the Berliner Festspiel. Entitled Mechanical Landscape with Bird, the work included live singing canaries, a rotating Stroh string quartet, bird organ, a whistler and two Edison phonographs (MaerzMusik, Berlin, 2004). His composition What hath God wrought? for Stroh String Quartet, Edison Phonographs and Gramophone received its World Premiere in June this year, performed by Apartment House, and was recorded and broadcast by the BBC from its Maida Vale Studios.

The line-up is completed by Virtuoso Spanish Phantom Flamenco artist & mentor, Pedro Sanchez - who as yet doesn't exist.

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