THE FALL (1968)
120 MINS

Man with a movie Camera….. and the Columbia University Student Revolt

"The Fall" was really a natural progression from The Benefit of the Doubt. It seemed to me inadequate to be an English actor on the English stage trying to do something about the war in Vietnam. I thought it was important to know what the whole thing was about, so I went to America. I started to film the collapse of the protest movement and that culminated in my participation in the Columbia University revolt. I was behind the barricades for seven days trying to document the whole thing... I exposed myself in the film - as its maker. I was the man with the microphone and camera. I was the medium between what was going on outside and what was going on inside. It was really a portrait of me masquerading as New York; and both of us collapsing. I was accused of being narcissistic. Well the media is narcissistic… as was the whole culture, and more and more ever since … ….." Peter Whitehead 1974

The Fall was performed live by Finnish musician Jimi Tenor and his band at a sell out screening at the National Film Theatre's NFT1 in 2001

Peter Whitehead