"…a very beautiful film. It is and will remain a very valuable social document".

Joseph Von Sternberg 1966


The first British verite Road Movie:
The Rolling Stones 1965 Tour of Ireland

Two months after shooting Wholly Communion, Whitehead was sent for by Andrew Loog Oldham, manager of the Rolling Stones, who asked bluntly - "You want to film the Rolling Stones? I'd like to see this cinema verite method - just a camera, nothing else." Within three days Whitehead was on tour with the band. Highly praised by Joseph Von Sternberg, Whitehead's one-camera prowl after The Stones during their 1965 Irish tour is a rarely screened item. Its view of the band is totally non-promotional - there they are and there is a camera in their midst. No hype - just the viewfinder of a curious British film-maker.

"Charlie is my Darling" has remained largely unseen since the Rolling Stones transferred to new management in 1968. As this went to press the film is still unreleased and unavailable.


Peter Whitehead