Party organizer, nightclub host, burlesque compere, mobile peepshow proprietor and writer.

He co-founded the now legendary Modern Times Club, (the civilized face of Londonšs clubland) and has been heavily involved with the London burlesque scene for the last two years, both as performer and promoter. Piper studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and has presented at The Theatre Museum. He currently writes for Flux Magazine, The Chap and Erotic Review, and has acted in various films, including 'Prayer Cushions of the Flesh' (based on the novella by Robert Irwin). He is currently producing a collection of eccentric Victorian bicycle contraptions, touring his world's smallest mobile peepshow 'Piper's Priz'd Perambulating Peepshow & Wyndham's Wond'rous Wandering WooWoos'. David Piper lives and works in London.




Like no one else we can think of, Cibelle makes use of a variety of elements to create unique, imaginative and enchanting pieces of music. Her new album, "The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves" released in April 2006. is a genuine masterpiece combining rootsy acoustic instrumentation & electronic processing, noise guitars, childrens¹ toys, captivating textural soundscapes & pure melodies carr ied by her unmistakable, moving voice.

Like hearing a story and exploring a landscape full of surprises, all at once, Cibelle's lyrics and musical ideas are directly derived from her emotional life. The directions her songs take are often wildly unpredictable with the most sophisticated electronic embellishments quickly followed by a glockenspiel, for instance. She likes to stretch and bend rhythms and to reinvent genres, and she is obviously quite comfortable in challenging her audience. Cibelle's voice haunts "Dreams That Money Can Buy", Fernand Leger's "Girl With the Prefabricated Heart" and in addition to performing with The Real Tuesday Weld on Hans Richter's film, soon to be released on DVD, she will also be touring Europe and North America throughout the coming year performing with her own 4-piece ensemble. What sets her apart is her sense of adventure. Most of her material is, in whole or in part, way out there. Miss her at your peril!"

Dreams That Money Can Buy  -  The Film  -  Hans Richter
The Real Tuesday Weld  -  David Piper & Cibelle 
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