Acid Mothers Temple

The Acid Mothers Temple are a collective of Japanese folk led by underground hero Makoto Kawabata. There are currently around 30 members, famous and unknown, musicians, artist, dancers, farmers etc. In order to fellow and document their multifarious activities, in 1998 the Acid Mothers Temple family record label was set up.

The "Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O." group is just one part of collective's activities. A freak-out group for the 21st century founded in 1996 by members of the soul-collective. Led by Kawabata (Musica Transonic / Toho Sara) AMT are a 100% genuine cult band that are on a mission to give you massive frontal lobe damage.

What do they sound like? Good question. Imagine spending an acid tinged weekend up a Japanese mountain with only a battered tape player for company. The sounds emanate as and when they wish, it might be a snatch of ear shredding guitar noise, an ambient electronic pulse, traditional folk or the sweet sound of a handmaiden warbling. Whatever you hear it's never boring and you never guess what's coming next.


1997 - The group released their self-titled debut album on PSF Records (Japan) in November. The album was selected as one of the 50 best albums ofthe year by the British music magazine, The Wire.

1998 - In January, the Acid Mothers Temple family record-label was set up, in order to document the various activities of the collective. In June, the band played their first live gig in San Francisco, as part of a tour of America and Europe. In Berlin, they collaborated with the NASA computer graphics animation team. during the tour the group also recorded a live radio session for XFM in London.

1999 - In March, their second album "Pataphysical Freak Out MU!!" was released by PSF. From April to June the group toured America and Europe. On this tour, they headlined the Deep Heaven Festival in Boston, but due to the massive volume the police were called and the festival was forcibly closed down. In November the group released their soundtrack to the Russian underground porn flick "Wild Gals a Go-Go".

2000 - "Live in Occident" a double album document of the 1999 tour of the US and Europe was released by the Detector label (USA). The group's official third album "Troubadours From Another Heavenly World" was released from PSF on October. An LP of covers of Occitan traditional songs "La Novia" was released from Eclipse (USA) on October. From November to December the group toured America and Europe.

2001 - The band started the year in heavy freak out mode with the release of their latest opus "Absolutely Freak Out Zap Your Mind", a co label effort between English labels Resonant and Static Caravan. Their latest convert Julian Cope recently raved about them in a feature in the Guardian and also wrote an essay on them for MOJO magazine. The band toured the world twice in 2001 inc two sell out UK jaunts and their biggest UK show to date at London's Royal Festival Hall with The Orb. The band reissued their La Novia LP on CD and it gained wide critical praise from all quarters including underground album of the month in MOJO. The bands burst of creative activity continued with two more albums (!) 'New Geocentric World' and 'In C' both released on USA based labels and again to critical acclaim.

2002 - The band are back again after a short break to once again damage lobes around the world. To tie in with their forthcoming European and US tours the band finally re-release what many consider their best work "Absolutely Freak Out Zap Your Mind" on CD (previously only available as a rare vinyl album) The album been praised from all sides of the world and was described by Wire magazine as the bands best work to date. The band wind up a short tour of UK & Ireland with their biggest and most ambitious show to date at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, accompanied by the cult manga film classic 'Legend Of The Overfiend'

Expect more brain mashing and weird times ahead!


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